Acne; just the thought sends shudders down the spine of the unfortunate sufferer of this lousy skin condition! If you are less than happy about your skin, are having random breakouts, clogged pores, painful cysts, and pus filled lesions, we need to talk. Acne can be eliminated, or at the very least managed so it is no longer taking over your life.

Hormones, diet, nutrient deficiencies, stress and hygiene have much to answer for.

Conventional treatments usually consist of antibiotics, prescription medications and topical treatments, but you will find that your acne stubbornly returns when the prescriptions are discontinued. There are many organ system disruptions that may affect your acne such as a hormonal imbalances, digestive conditions, stress, dehydration, use of certain skincare and cosmetic products, and even certain food allergies and sensitivities. An overgrowth of Demodex folliculorum or face mites can also wreak havoc on the skin!

Often women who choose to cease using the oral contraceptive pill experience cystic acne and other hormonal adjustment symptoms. The adjustment time often requires some assistance in naturally balancing hormones, and investigating other lifestyle/diet factors which may be exacerbating the symptoms. With a combination of targeting the internal and external cause we can help you experience the skin of your dreams.

Skin is your body's largest organ and has the important role of functioning as your first line of defense against environmental insults, and can also reveal important messages about your internal health. Lori Blanks N.D. can help you determine what may be causing your acne so you can help rebalance your skin to a better state of health, rather than just coping with the symptoms.